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Reference PP/SUL/B
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Extent 73 boxes
Title Human Genome Work
Date April 1984-November 2009
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Description Comprises records regarding Sulston's work in human genomics, particularly genome sequencing, and relate to his time as Director of the Sanger Centre (now the Sanger Institute) and his role leading British participation in the international Human Genome Project. Papers regarding the Sanger Centre include: foundation documents; governing body and management papers; papers regarding the development of the Hinxton site; administrative papers; papers concerning laboratory projects and Sanger Centre work. The Human Genome Project papers include: grant proposals for human genome sequencing work; correspondence and papers regarding the politics and co-ordination of project; meeting papers including papers from the International Strategy Meetings; papers regarding media coverage and public relations work during the project. Other papers relate to Sulston's participation in various international organisations and meetings regarding genomics and human genomics beyond the Human Genome Project, as well as correspondence, papers concerning awards received by Sulston and papers regarding his media work.
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